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My Biography and Experience

About Suzette Hilarides I am centrally located in the area of Cape Town. My speciality for the past 14 years has been Weddings, Engagements & Family (in Studio or outdoor) shoots, however I have also done corporate work. I endeavour to capture not only those iconic, coffee table shots but also as many as possible ‘memory instances’ that you want to look back on and that gives you a broad cross section of what makes it that special occasion. Photographer’s styles all vary and my distinction comes in the way I use light, creating an atmosphere as well as to get those staged, light-hearted memories!

You need to feel completely relaxed on your special day and that you are in professional hands. You do not need to feel awkward and that your photo time is being rushed else you will not be able to openly express your emotions for me to capture. This is another aspect of my work that I feel I excel at - I am told that I have a bubbly personality that naturally creates a relaxed and fun mood where we are all enjoying the moment and it is from that that I can then draw my best work!

Looking though my work, you will see structured / formal shots, laughter, serenity, fun, etc. I provide a good spread of photo moods and emotions. I have top equipment and good backup equipment that never allows for any problem situations to develop and helps me retain my composure! After the shoot, I focus a larger portion of time, on the ‘Touch-Up’ process. With the latest editing hardware & software I can even change your shape, change colouring, remove background distractions, spots and the like. I look at each photo and check the lighting balance so as to ‘tweak’ each shot if need be for the best result! I have worked at many venues in Cape Town and especially its wonderful wine-farm type surrounds, so I am also most willing to assist you to choose a special venue, that not only assists with the best photography settings and when I have been at that venue before, who provides the better services! I often work with a variety of second ‘shooters’ and videographers should you wish to increase your coverage! You are welcome to browse through my work, contact me for my packages or a quote specific to your needs… Suzette Hilarides